Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Fourth!

I know we have a few more days until the fireworks begin but Sue had this great clip on her blog. (As a former Cooperative Extension Educator I just had to watch it!) I would encourage you to watch this 1948 video as it is something we NEED to hear TODAY! (I really doubt Extension would produce such a video today!) I know, 9 1/2 minutes in length but I promise you it is worth your time. So as you are peeling those potatoes for your picnic's potato salad, turn this on and watch.

So who did that "ism" salesman remind you of?

He reminded me of our current administration -big time!

(If you never did watch it, I am telling you, you should- all Americans should!)

I won't be posting until next week. I do hope that as we enjoy time with family and friends this weekend, we remain aware of the sacrifices made by many so that we have the freedom to gather and live in this great country. May we always be mindful of this and forever stand strong against those who would work to take it all away.

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Vee said...

That was a great video...I watched it at Sue's.