Saturday, June 13, 2009

A short stroll through Cape May

In all of the years I have visited Cape May, I can't recall walking through the town to take pictures. I am not one of those folks who carries a camera. I have to remind myself over and over again to take the camera and then never remember to use it. I will share pictures I took until my battery ran out. Since I waited until the last day of our visit to bring the camera on a walk, I did not return for more shots. It is lovely to walk through the town and see the flowers in bloom but I must admit that I especially enjoy the walk on a crisp winter evening with Christmas decorations adorning this adorable town. There are also fewer people then! Once the summer season picks up I find it too darn crowded to enjoy, hence our early June visit!
Isn't this an inviting path?

This shop has all sorts of gifts for animal lovers.

This house has a name that appeals to the bunny lover in me!

See if you can see what I picked out in these places...

Has it become clear that I LOVE to see our flag flying proudly?

I wanted to jump the fence and sit on the bench over there...but Joe thought it was not my brightest idea so I just stood drooling over the fence imagining what it would be like to sit on the bench-everyday!

I love these signs

I wanted to knock on the door of this place to see if I could peek out of this window but again Joe said, "no go!"

Some more cute spots. I wanted to sit on this bench but was AGAIN advised that it would not be a good thing to do!

This one was not so cute but I need to find out what the Girls Friendly Society is and why they have a Holiday House and what they do there..... (edited to add that I did find out and you can too by following the link above for info on the group or the link here to find out about this house- you can rent it- it is a retreat center BUT I warn you, it looked very tired on the outside)

This is a photographer's shop

This is my kind of a fire escape- think I would find an excuse to use it everyday if I lived there!

When I spotted this I was immediately tempted to book another stay in Cape May!

But when I saw this black door I knew I needed to head home to my own black door!

Even though I found the place that is ME, through and sit on this porch with a book all afternoon would be such a delight! But again, Joe reminded me it would not be a delight for him to get me at the Cape May Police Station when the homeowners found me deeply engrossed in my book on their porch.

All I can say is, "Cape May, leave a light on for me because I will be back!" And I know that Aunt Nellie will be waiting!


Sue said...

Thanks for the trip through this ENCHANTING village! What fun! Everything looks so picturesque and inviting.

Hope you had a great vaca...

Donna said...

What a terrific journey and delightful town! And it is encouraging to see so many houses with the flags proudly displayed.

Patricia said...

Cape May is somewhere I have always wanted to visit
Thanks for the pictures it makes me want to go even more!

Judy said...

Oh...what a beautiful 'all American' stroll. Great pic's!

Judy said...

Oh...what a beautiful 'all American' stroll. Great pic's!

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

WONDERFUL photos! Did you feel strange walking and snapping photos? Did anyone see you? I've thought of doing this many times, but I hesitate because I think people might be watching me! I love that you showed us the wonderful parts of Cape sounds so mysterious! But what a delightful collection of homes you captured for us...thanks!