Monday, July 20, 2009

Favorite Spots

You see those two red chairs at the bottom of our yard? Yes, those two. They are quickly becoming one of our favorite places to sit. We like to take a glass of wine and sit there, listening to the frogs and birds in our woods while watching the bluebirds eating bugs. It is so peaceful. I think that the two trees behind the chairs are begging for a hammock, don't you?

Now for my question of the weekend: How much nectar does one hummingbird hold? We have two hummingbird feeders- one at our kitchen window and one at the front office window. There were hummingbirds at our feeders all weekend long and we have filled each of them twice in the past two days! I wanted to capture their antics as they chase,dive bomb and zoom all over the yard but they are rather camera shy. I had to maneuver between the slats in the blind to get the pictures I got and I really should have had a tripod. They are still flying all over as I type- no wonder they need so much sugar!! Or are they flying all over because they have had so much sugar?? I have never had this much activity with hummingbirds! What fun to watch. Judging by their play I think they are brothers and one is definitely in charge. Everyone clears out when he starts pushing his way in!


Vee said...

Now that's the way to capture hummingbirds. I don't feed them here, but I've always enjoyed watching them at camp where my parents do feed them. They're wonderful little creatures. What a nice, relaxing corner you enjoy!

Donna said...

Love that video! We can watch those adorable little birds for hours. After a slow beginning to the season, we now have more hummers coming to the feeders than we have ever had in previous seasons. Who knows why! We're just enjoying the show!

How wonderful that you have a special spot to sit and visit with your sweetie! It has been a great habit of ours to sit out on the front porch and talk about issues of the day, dreams, future trips, etc. It is really a benefit to our relationship!

Maggie Thornton said...

What incredible footage. I like your feeder. I have one that is a "designer" feeder and my hummers don't like it much. The other - the bees can get to. The bee-guard doesn't seem to do much good. My little hummingbirds have to await their turn.

Loved this!