Tuesday, July 14, 2009

So how did you meet your spouse?

I met my husband on a blind date to an America concert. I remember it like it was yesterday although it was more than 32 years ago. Apparently our president does not remember where he met his wife. In a speech to college students in Moscow he said that he met her as a student in class. Apparently this is NOT where he met her- it was in a law office where she was employed and he was an intern. I am giving him the benefit of the doubt- someone else probably wrote the speech and he read it, either never really thinking about what he was reading or deciding that it was so much easier to just following the bouncing teleprompter ball than to ad lib with the facts. Which brings me to my point.

How can someone read something and not know what they are reading? How can you trust someone to have written what you want to say? Reminds me of one of our PA State Senators who I had speak before a group of childcare folks. He was a guy I never really liked- eely, creepy and an institution in the county. He arrived late to the event- his usual practice-and then had the nerve to ask me, "Who is this group I am speaking to?" Well fortunately for him someone in his office knew who the group was because as he walked to the podium he pulled a written speech from his breast pocket. (That sucker was a long speech too and he did not shorten it despite his late arrival!) The speech was well written and promised providers the world (at taxpayer expense). Of course he got applause while I politely covered my rolling eyes. The guy is still there, people still vote for him despite the joke most folks think he is. Why is that? (Surely it can't be for the free maps he is known to give away..free? taxpayer paid) Anyone who runs against him is put through the wringer that I feel he needs to be put through! Which leads me to my second point.

Had our past president forgotten where he met his wife, the news would be all over the place, on every network and there would be no let up until he made his next mistake. And you know, being human we do make mistakes. Why are some folks allowed to be human and others are not? Speaking of humans...

The choices our President has made and are making give me the creeps. Our next Supreme Court Justice is a case in point. (C'mon you know she is going to get in.) I despise what she stands for but what I despise even more is dishonesty. All her life she has been radical in her thinking yet when she faces this Committee she is not brave enough to stand and admit what she believes in. Instead she makes excuses for what she has said and done. If she was at least honest enough to admit what she believes I would have a little more respect for her- but never for what she stands!

And now about these Czars Obama is appointing. John Holdren,who he has nominated for the science czar, (what do we need this for? Another salary for us to pay!) is one scary guy. He has been a proponent of forced abortions to control population growth. What is going on in Washington? What is going on with Americans who sit idly by?


Anonymous said...

Love reading your posts...you don't mince words. Tracy

Patricia said...

WOW you are awesome I so enjoy reading your posts and forwarding them to my hubby!!

Maggie Thornton said...

Sue, first thank you for coming by Maggie's Notebook. I read the post on your homepage and it is spot-on. You mentioned the Pennsylvania politician that is an "institution." I did a post today on Ted Kennedy's new $1000 book and the birthday of Mary Jo Kopechne - along with information from Boston that I had not heard before about that murder. Talk about an institution, he is the second longest serving member of Congress. That is creepy!

About the Czars, heard Newt Gingrich say that Czars are nothing more than Envoys. That's the problem with Newt. You never know where he's coming from - brilliant though he is.

Also love your homepage theme.