Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Will catch up soon

I am teaching a class this semester that needs attention right now and have a few speaking engagements to get ready for. Unfortunatley it means that blogging is on a back burner right now. I will be back!


Sue said...

Hurry back! You will be missed!

Joeloise Ghrist said...

What will you be teaching & what are you speaking engagements going to be about??

Sue said...

Hey Eloise,
Teaching an intro course on Child Development to freshman in an online Early Childhood program. I was asked to do 3 presentations in PA in October and then a few more in 2010. They are all on topics related to Early Childhood Ed for teachers. Young children and families have been my passion for the past 30 years and try as I might, my jobs always end up going back in that direction!