Saturday, October 31, 2009

Treasure Hunting

It was DARK when we started our usual Saturday morning yard sale jaunt...really DARK. The first stop was just a mile from our house and I could not believe my eyes- a stand alone garage FILLED with stuff- good stuff. I was overwhelmed just looking. I did not know where to start. We did leave with a few things. The seller promised that he would open the doors to his collection anytime I see him or his wife sitting on the porch. I told him I would be back. And I will.

I have always wanted a wicker plant stand and found one in that garage

As well as this cute little rocker

And this little chair

Joe got this tin sign that he hung above his golf clubs in the garage

It was actually raining lightly most of the morning and the other nine yard sales we went to were all duds- I should have spent more time at the first one. I guess not total duds- Joe found a whole set of irons (golf clubs) that he says are great! We then went to the Red Collection. I have heard about it and we have not had a chance to go until today. We will be back. We both fell in love with the same picture. She followed us home.

I don't do much decorating for Halloween but do bring out this black cat that I have had since childhood.

I have treats ready- now to see how many neighborhood children we will get.


Sue said...

What GREAT finds, Sue! Hope all is well down your way...

Donna said...

You did great at that yard sale! Hope you had a nice Halloween! Onward to November now!

Rhondi said...

Hi Sue
You got some treasures at the yard sale. I love the picture. When I was a teenager I decorated my own room and had that painting in it. I wonder what happened to it. I always loved that painting!